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Private Practice Paperwork

Private Practice Paperwork

Did you know that many therapists don’t have paperwork that meets all the legal and ethical standards?


I bet you are thinking, “well, why not?”


Well, reading all the ethics and laws are boring #snoozefest, it is way too time-consuming to create paperwork from scratch and who the heck wants to pay a lawyer $350 - $500 an hour to review your paperwork, no one!


My friends, Kate and Katie from The Private Practice Startup are on a mission to ensure private practitioners feel confident that their paperwork meets the legal and ethical standards of the profession.


They offer Customizable, Attorney Approved Private Practice Paperwork that has been used by clinicians all over the US. Allowing clinicians to spend their time on the place they love the most, with their clients!


I first purchased my paperwork from Kate & Katie in 2018. It streamlined my entire practice and took away my biggest fear – having paperwork that did not meet ethical or legal guidelines.  As time goes on, laws and ethical requirements change (can we say telehealth!). I don't know about you, but I have no patience for deconstructing policy, rules and standards EVERY YEAR! instead, I have continued to purchase new, updated paperwork so I have been able to keep that peace of mind!  I wanted to make sure you were in the know about this fantastic opportunity for clinicians established in or building their practice!


Needing paperwork for your practice, so you can breathe a sigh of relief? It’s like a set and forget it.


Here is what you do:


CLICK HERE to purchase the COMPLETE set of Peak Package Paperwork. Twenty-two forms covering everything from insurance, biopsychosocial, treatment plan, HIPAA, Therapy Agreement, Sliding Scale, Group Consent and so much more. If you needed to pivot to on-line work, the Peak Package include the Technology Assisted Counseling consent - invaluable in our Covid-19 environment.  It's what let me sleep like a baby at night knowing that all of the forms, documents and paperwork was completely on point!

Growing a practice can be, well... expensive!  Sometimes we cannot afford the big kahuna and need to pick an affordable alternative.  CLICK HERE for the Base Package Paperwork which contains eleven forms that will help a program get started on the right foot.

Use these discount codes at checkout:

“SAVE40” = $40 OFF the Base Package of Paperwork

“SAVE80” = $80 OFF the Peak Package of Paperwork

Enjoy and give yourself a high five for making a smart investment in yourself and your business!


PS - Got questions? They have answers, just shoot them an email -

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