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Untangling Trauma: Art & Play Therapy Techniques for Children, Teens & Families Dealing With

Therapists are called to work with children and teens dealing with traumatic experiences and loss that most adults struggle with understanding. This day long workshop will focus on advanced Art and Play Therapy techniques to help untangle children and teens’ grief, loss and trauma. Self-care techniques will be woven into the workshop, helping therapists handle vicarious trauma and stress. Participants will learn through hands-on, experiential activities and will leave with various Art and Play Therapy techniques they can use immediately in their clinical practice.

Learning Objectives

  • Participants will be able to

  • Define art and play therapy techniques, grief, loss, trauma and vicarious trauma.

  • Identify at least three art and play therapy techniques to work with children, teens and families dealing with grief, loss and trauma.

  • Integrate at least two self-care techniques into an individual's practice to gain understanding and clarity during times of stress.

  • Differentiate at least two art and play therapy techniques specific to working with children, teens or families.

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